Our Philosophy

At the  Tin Cup Bus Stop we are passionate about doing our part to care for the environment.  We serve our drinks using cups that are compostable.  This helps to reduce unneeded waste and the unnecessary use of landfills.  By using compostable items that return to the earth and soil quickly, they become an asset instead of a hindrance to the planet.

We pull our espresso shots  from our Italian-made Astoria Perla Espresso Machine.  Because we use a manual lever machine we can be more versatile in how we pull our shots.  This produces a bold, flavorful espresso shot with lots of beautiful crema!

The coffee beans we use are roasted in North Liberty by Java House known for 25 years of having great coffee which helps support local small businesses and ensures delivery of the freshest cup of coffee to our customers.

In selecting our coffee and coffee roasters, we consider not only the quality of the coffee and  how it is roasted, but also from where the coffee is sourced.  We believe in the importance of equitable and fair treatment of the small farmers who grow and supply the beans.